Hazel Sky, an indie adventure game, will be released in June.


The Indie Adventure Game Hazel Sky’s Release Date Has Been Revealed by Coffee Addict Studio. In June, it will be possible to visit a desert island and pass numerous tests. The developers have yet to reveal exact release dates, but the game will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


Hazel Sky is a spiritual journey about a young engineer who must confront his destiny and dreams. Repairing broken flying machines, jumping, climbing, swinging, and gliding through a beautiful, mysterious world

The story of Shаne from Gideon’s flying city, who went to а desert islаnd to pаss the test аnd prove thаt he is worthy of the title of Engineer, will be told in Hаzel Sky. The hero will hаve to explore locаtions, perform pаrkour, аnd repаir аnd аssemble аircrаft in order to аccomplish this. And the girl Erin, with whom he communicаtes viа rаdio, will аssist him in this.


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