GoldenEye 007: Multiplayer was able to launch on four screens, preventing players from seeing each other.


The game runs on original hardware, but it needed some assistance.

The game runs on original hardware, but it needed some assistance.

Multiplayer GoldenEye 007 was able to launch on four screens - so that players do not peep

The Center for Computing History is a British video game museum.opened the expositionin honor of the GoldenEye 007 shooter’s 25th anniversary Visitors to the museum will be able to play video games in a way that is not possible at home.

Local split-screen multiplayer in GoldenEye 007 allows up to four players to fight each other while spying on their opponents. The game was launched on four separate screens to avoid this.

This feature was not available in the first GoldenEye 007 film. The museum version, according to the exposition’s organizers, works on the original Nintendo 64, but it required additional hardware to separate the image.

As a result, the project cost around $10,000, according to The Gamer. It’s pricey, but it eliminates screen cheating.

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