Gamer has perfectly recreated herself in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


AureliaRiddle, a player from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, became famous for being nearly exact replicas of herself in the game.

He also remade his father in the game after creating his model, just to make his family more visible.

AureliaRiddle and her father in Skyrim

How long do you think he spent making it? Each model took about two hours. In light of the final result, not much. To do so, he used editor mods that added sliders and more detailed heads. He also added others to improve the texture and eye quality, making the characters appear more realistic.

AureliaRiddle suggests taking at least two photos of themselves, one in front and one in profile, and using them as references, perhaps after printing them, for similar results. You could also use a mirror, but photos are more convenient.

Try to аppeаr аs nаturаl аnd relаxed аs possible in the photos. Finаlly, keep in mind thаt you will only be using hаlf of your fаce, аs the other hаlf will be mirrored. You cаn only mаke symmetricаl fаces in gаme editors.


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