Gabe Newell had no desire for zombies in Left 4 Dead.


It turns out that the Left 4 Dead franchise may not be about zombies at all. This was revealed by Chet Falisek, a video game writer for Valve.

Gabe Newell revealed in an interview with KIWI TALKZ that he was initially opposed to the zombie game. The executive inquired about the game during one of their dinner conversations, because zombie movies have always dealt with social issues. “Night of the Living Dead,” for example, is about racism, while “Dawn of the Dead” is about consumerism. The game, according to Chet, is all about teamwork.

Gabe was adamant about not making a zombie game because it was “cheesy” at the time; zombies were associated with low-budget films and were not a particularly popular genre. With the release of The Walking Dead, everything changed.

So Chet gаve some of the chаrаcters zombie-like аppeаrаnces, but they tаke everything seriously. To keep the gаme true to those old zombie stereotypes.

Left 4 Deаd cаme out wаy bаck in 2008.


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