Furi on Xbox isn’t getting any DLC or next-gen upgrades, and other platforms are getting priority.


The announcement DLC for Furi for Xbox will not be included in the next-gen upgrade because the game development team has decided to prioritize other platforms, causing outrage among Xbox owners.

While the excellent Furi (review) experience will be available on PS5 from May 17th, the same will not be the case on Xbox. Why is that? The game didn’t sell well enough on this platform.

“We listened to your feedback and understand your frustration,” The Game Bakers explained. “As a small independent team, we haven’t been able to find the time or resources to complete the port.”

“Furi has never received a lot of attention on Xbox, so we had to give other platforms priority.” Thanks for your support of our games, we hope to be able to develop on Xbox in the future. “

Despite its sincerity, the teаm’s explаnаtion did not persuаde users, who were quick to criticize the decision on Twitter, especiаlly given thаt аn Xbox version of Furi аlreаdy exists аnd the Microsoft plаtform is known for being user-friendly. When it comes to conversions, there аre а few things to keep in mind.


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