For the ‘first-ever,’ the RAF deploys a fleet of Air Tanker Voyager aircraft to Eastern Europe.


The decision was made in response to “increased demand for aerial refueling in Eastern Europe,” according to an aviation expert. The RAF now has ten A330 MRTTs with AAR capability, which are aerial refueling tanker aircraft.

“The @RoyalAirForce has surged two of the reserve fleet of @AirTanker #Voyagers into service in response to increased demand for aerial refueling in Eastern Europe,” said Tony Osborne, London Bureau Chief of Aviation Week. The RAF now has ten A330 MRTTs with AAR capability.

“The RAF has called the surge fleet into action for the first time.”

Voyager is the Royal Air Force’s (RAF) only air-to-air refueling (AAR) tanker, as well as a strategic air transport.

The news comes after it was revealed that the Royal Air Force has deployed two fighter jets to Yorkshire as part of a new exercise aimed at ensuring assets are “ready to defend airspace” at any time.

With tensions rising over Russiа’s wаr in Ukrаine аnd Finlаnd аnd Sweden аpplying to join NATO, feаrs аre growing thаt the conflict will spreаd to mаinlаnd Europe.



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