For destroying servers in an attempt to prove his case, an IT administrator is sentenced to seven years in prison.


Employees who offer important advice are frequently ignored by their bosses. This most likely occurred in China, with Han Bin, the administrator of the Lianjia real estate brokerage company.

The man was sentenced to seven years in prison for his actions, which resulted in the destruction of four critical company servers. As a result, he halted the company’s operations, and she suffered losses.

The police had five suspects, but the others handed over their work devices without hesitation, and Bean stated that he had personal information on them, so he could only show the necessary folders and files in his presence.

Although no evidence was found on the computer, subsequent analysis of the evidence, MAC and IP addresses proved Khan was the perpetrator. It turned out that this could be done to demonstrate the system’s vulnerability. When management suggested ways to improve security, Khan allegedly did not listen.

He begаn to work worse аfter this incident, аnd he even went to such lengths. Perhаps he expected to be rewаrded, or he wаs just а vengeful аdministrаtor. In аny cаse, he will now be sentenced to prison.


Oliver Barker

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