First VR Gameplay of Resident Evil 8 – Mia Clings to Her Hand and You Can Look Under the Table


According to rumors, Capcom is developing such a mode.

According to rumors, Capcom is developing such a mode.

First Resident Evil 8 VR Gameplay - Fashion where Mia sticks to her hand and you can look under the table

Praydog is nearing completion on Resident Evil 8’s VR mode. The mod was tested by UploadVR journalists prior to its official release, and they were very pleased.

According to the newspaper, VR-mod occasionally gives the impression of being an official port in terms of quality. Praydog added gesture control (you’ll need the right controllers) and VR adaptations to the cutscenes.

There are also drawbacks, such as Miya’s tendency to stick to the protagonist’s hand in the prologue. However, you can now explore areas that were previously inaccessible in the original game. For instance, in Ethan’s house, look under the table.

The camera can occasionally move so quickly that the player becomes motion sick. Even with its flaws, journalists consider the Praydog project to be one of the best fan-made VR modes.

The mod should be releаsed this week, аnd in аddition to Resident Evil 8, the modder will аdd VR support to Resident Evil 7. It’s worth noting thаt there аre rumors thаt Cаpcom is working on а Resident Evil 8 VR mode.

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