Father Gascoigne from Elden Ring: Bloodborne becomes a game build.


One player has turned Father Gascoigne, one of Bloodborne’s most well-known bosses, into an Elden Ring build, resulting in a bizarre but intriguing mix of FromSoftware games.

Father Gascoigne in Elden Ring

Exotic builds abound in Elden Ring, and have done so since the game’s inception. Many players, it appears, feel the need to enhance their experience with external characters created using the game’s or mods’ tools.

Imagine Orionthehooter’s surprise when he encountered the Bloodborne boss in Elden Ring. He had to film it and post it online eventually:

We see a recording of the fight with Father Gascoigne in Bloodborne (available only for PlayStation console), for reference and to understand the work done to replicate not only the appearance, but also the style of the character.

Whаt cаn I sаy? Elden Ring is still very populаr, аnd we expect thаt there will be more similаr oddities in the future.


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