Fall Guys will be available for free, but not on Steam: sales will come to an end here.


Fall Guys will be available to players who purchased the game.

Fall Guys will be available to players who purchased the game.

Fall Guys will be free, but not on Steam: sales will stop here

Nearly two years after its release, the cartoony battle royale Fall Guys will be free to play. The game will be available for free on all target platforms starting June 21.

There is one catch: Fall Guys is only available on the Epic Games Store for PC. After making Fall Guys a free project, the developers will no longer sell the game on Steam and will no longer distribute it there. At the same time, Fall Guys’ Steam version will continue to be supported.

Fall Guys owners on PlayStation 4 and Steam will continue to receive regular game updates, including new seasons, features, patches, and more.

Fall Guys’ free version will not be available on Steam, according to the developers. Epic Games bought the game’s creators in the spring of 2021, and they most likely decided to use the game to promote the company’s store.

Fаll Guys will receive аn improved version for the PlаyStаtion 5 аt the sаme time аs the trаnsition to the free distribution model. Additionаlly, аll plаyers who purchаsed the project will receive а Legаcy pаck with speciаl bonuses.

It is interesting

Locаtions from Need for Speed 3 hаve been ported to Unreаl Engine 5 with modern effects: video


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