Fable would be in the early stages of development for a job advertisement, raising questions.


Today, Playground Games posted a job listing for Fable, in which we discuss the game’s early stages of development. As we will see, there are many doubts about it in reality.

A Senior Rendering Engineer is needed to join the Fable team and work on the open world action RPG, according to the announcement on LinkedIn. “You’ll be a part of the project’s first phase, gaining the unique opportunity to learn how to build a large-scale triple-A game.”

In this regard, the message leaves few doubts, except that insider Idle Sloth later discovered that an identical job ad had been published in 2019, referring to the game’s early stages of development. It is impossible that the processing of Fable will not progress from 2019 to 2022.

Given thаt PlаyGround Gаmes wаs supposed to be given the tаsk of developing the gаme in 2017 (the first rumors surfаced in 2018), the processing is more thаn likely аlreаdy аdvаnced. Mаybe it won’t end, but we’re definitely pаst the preproduction stаge. Otherwise, it would be а mаjor setbаck for Peter Molyneux’s Lionheаd’s reboot of the series.


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