F1 22, King Arthur’s Songs of Conquest


In Formula 1, everything is new. This motto should most likely be applied to the upcoming F1 2022 season. The racing game from Codemasters is the first in the series to be entirely developed under Electronic Arts’ new ownership. Maci got a chance to look at the results and tells us about the changes, his concerns, and what Formula 1 fans can expect in the future. After that, we enter the King Arthur saga’s mythical world. Chris put King Arthur: Knight’s Tale to the test as a tactical role-playing game that surprised in a good way. Fun fights, a dark atmosphere, and good gameplay all add up to a winning package. Songs of Conquest looks promising as well. Matthias has thoroughly scrutinized the indie game in the style of the time-honored “Heroes of Might and Magic” series, which has entered Early Access. He discusses the game’s enormous potential in the podcast. The whole thing will be completed, as always, with your community contributions at the end.

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GA Podcаst Episode 716 Topics:

2200:45:12 – King Arthur: Knight’s Tаle01:08:24 – Songs of Conquest01:26:10 – Community Posts 00:00:00 – Intro аnd On My Own 00:07:45 – Newsflаsh00:19:30 – F1 2200:45:12 – King Arthur: Knight’s Tаle01:08:24 – Songs of Conquest

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