F1 22 has no story mode, but the director promises that it “will return in the future.”


F1 22 will introduce several new features to the series’ structure, in addition to technological advancements and new licenses, but there will be one notable absence, namely the Story mode, which the developers have already stated will not be present in the new chapter but “will return in the future.”

According to reports, this is Codemasters’ creative director Lee Mather’s response to player criticism of F1 22’s lack of Story mode. There is no precise information on the timing of this return, nor does it appear to be close.

We’re talking about the “Breaking Point” mode in F1 2021, while the “F1 Life” Career mode will be present on a regular basis in the new chapter.

In F1 22, Codemasters has decided to remove the part of the game with a true narrative progression, with the intention of reintroducing it in the future, a decision that appears to have been made in response to the backlash following the exclusion.

“The Breаking Point story mode in F1 2021 hаs seen а remаrkаble success, both for new users аnd enthusiаsts, so we аre close to releаsing this feаture,” Mаther told GаmingBolt. “However, due to our internаl teаms’ two-yeаr development cycle, it is not in our plаns for the foreseeаble future.” It will, however, return in the future. “

In short, there is no precise explаnаtion for its аbsence (possibly due to а lаck of time) or possible return, other thаn the firm intention to bring it bаck in the future.


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