Elden Ring’s Malenia and Radagon staged battles with the other bosses.


When the game’s final boss isn’t the most powerful.

When the game’s final boss isn’t the most powerful.

Malenia and Radagon from Elden Ring staged battles with the rest of the bosses

Garden of Eyes, a YouTuber and modder, continues to experiment with Elden Ring. He was able to coordinate the battles of Malenia and Radagon, two of the game’s most powerful opponents, with all of the other bosses.

A key point to remember is that none of the battles were fought with the modder present. The camera was controlled by Garden of Eyes, but the bosses fought each other on their own, with regular AI controlling their actions.

Malenia was the subject of the first experiment. He wanted to see if any of the bosses could kill Malenia or at least get her to the second phase, as Garden of Eyes explains. At least one of the bosses could.

Radagon was discovered to be less lethal than Malenia during the experiment. Elden Ring’s final boss dealt with the majority of the remaining opponents, but his victories were not easy.

Of course, the fights between Rаdаgon аnd Mаleniа were plаnned. The sаme boss won both fights, аnd you probаbly guessed who it wаs.

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