Elden Ring could feature Covenant factions.


A similar system was implemented in Dark Souls.

A similar system was implemented in Dark Souls.

Datamining: Covenant factions could appear in Elden Ring

They could create a faction system for Elden Ring that is similar to the Dark Souls covenants. Unused test lines about increasing ranks can indicate this.found StrayKurtis dataminer.

Five messages relating to rank boosting were discovered. Elden Ring has factions, including those associated with PvP, according to PC Gamer, but the game has not received rating covenants in the vein of Dark Souls.

Elden Ring already contains all of the objects or concepts mentioned in the found lines. According to PC Gamer, the development of the covenant system was started, but for some reason it was never finished.

Joining a covenant and rising through the ranks in Dark Souls allows you to receive various bonuses. Only membership in a covenant can grant access to a variety of spells and weapons. Elden Ring makes no mention of covenant members receiving special rewards.

Perhаps the dаtаminer discovered а reserve for the future, rаther thаn trаces of cut out mechаnics, аs the journаlists hope. Elden Ring hаs been rumored to get а multiplаyer DLC for а while, аnd the developers could use the covenаnt system for it.

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