Elden Ring and Berserk were combined in a crossover by the artist.


Godric turned out no worse than in the original.

Godric turned out no worse than in the original.

The artist arranged a crossover between Elden Ring and Berserk

Fans of the Elden Ring series have long noticed that From Software contains numerous references to Kentaro Miura’s Berserk manga. R, a Japanese artist, decided to take things a step further and stage a universe crossover.

Guts, the protagonist of Berserk, is preparing to battle Godric One Hundred Hands, the ruler of Thunder Veil Castle and one of the Elden Ring bosses, in the artist’s illustration.

The artist depicted the characters’ meeting in a style reminiscent of the original manga to add to the effect.

R, on the other hand, posted a couple of sketches at the same time. The first is the most basic line, which includes a rough cut of the scene, while the second is a nearly finished image of Godric and Guts, but without the castle in the background.

Kentаro Miurа unfortunаtely died in the spring of 2021, аlmost а yeаr before Elden Ring wаs releаsed. Fаns, on the other hаnd, believe thаt the mаngаkа would love the gаme.

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The first shots of “Avаtаr 2”: photo


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