Elden Ring, a cult member, killed Malenia nearly 1000 times.


Elden Ring, also known as Let Me Solo, is the ultimate helper in the world, having assisted Malenia nearly 1,000 times. The player announced on the subreddit that he is approaching his 1000th victory over Malenya.

On May 11 at 01:00 Moscow time, the gamer will host a livestream on YouTube to commemorate the occasion.

Malenia is one of the most difficult opponents in any game, and From Software is known for being difficult. It is capable of not only destroying a significant portion of the health, but also of regenerating health with each successful hit. Let Me Solo Her’s player recently gained notoriety in the Elden Ring community by killing Malenia for free, while those in need of assistance can stand by and witness the miracle.

With this many victories, a gamer can most likely kill Malenia even if he closes his eyes. The gamer did not specify how long he intends to continue in this line of work.


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