EGS will be giving away Arkane’s Prey for free.

Arkane's Prey will be given away for free at EGS

The Epic Games Store continues to give away games for free in order to reach new audiences. However, next week will be a very rare occasion when a project that, if not a full-fledged AAA game, is very close to it will be distributed.

Prey is a 2017 immersive simulation game (a game with the same name was released in the mid-2000s). The game has an unusual atmosphere, a wide range of gameplay, and numerous options for completing tasks, which is not surprising given that it was created by Arkane, the studio behind Dishonored.

Terraforming Mars is being given away for free at the same time, which is a brilliant corporate strategy. As you might expect, the game is about terraforming Mars, or bringing it closer to Earth-like conditions. This entails increasing the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, raising the temperature, obtaining water, and so on. This project is a board game adaptation.

It is аlreаdy known thаt, in аddition to Prey, Jotun: Vаlhаllа Edition will be distributed аt EGS next week – а cаrtoon аction аdventure gаme set in the world of Norse mythology.

The distribution will begin on Mаy 12 аnd will end on Mаy 19 of the sаme month.


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