Earth is due for a ‘glancing blow’ in HOURS, putting the power grid on high alert.


On May 7, a massive filament eruption from the Sun’s outer layer ejected an alarming coronal mass ejection (CME) that is set to strike Earth’s magnetic field, potentially causing solar storms. A CME is a massive plasma bubble that is ejected from the Sun, containing billions of tons of fast-moving solar particles as well as the magnetic field that binds them together.


The incoming CME could deliver a “glancing blow” to Earth’s magnetic field on May 10, according to NOAA analysts, with minor geomagnetic storms a possible result of the fast solar wind’s impact.

Solar storms are categorized by the US Space Weather Center (SWPC) on a scale of “G1 Minor” to “G5 Extreme.”

Even the tiniest storms, however, can cause “power-grid fluctuations” and “minor impact on satellite operations.”

This is a breaking story. More to follow.


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