Due to overheating processors, Tesla recalled 130,000 vehicles.


Tesla is recalling a portion of its vehicles for the first time this year due to a software bug. Another case involves Tesla Model S and X 2021 and 2022 owners, as well as Model 3 and Y 2022 owners, and the cause is the infotainment system overheating.

A software bug causes the system’s CPU to heat up before or during fast charging, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The processor may slow down or restart as a result of high temperatures. The rear camera display, gear shifting, windshield visibility settings, and alarms can all be affected by CPU lag and restart, increasing the risk of an accident.

A total of 130,000 vehicles are being recalled. To fix the bug, Tesla will perform a remote system update. According to the company, the bug has not caused any accidents, injuries, or deaths.

Previously, the company issued an 817,000-vehicle recall to address a bug in which the seatbelt signal was not activated at startup.


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