Due to a production crisis, Nintendo expects Switch sales to fall 10%.


This year, Nintendo expects “only” 20 million Switch units to be sold across all versions. This represents a 10% reduction from the previous year. Everything is due to a chip manufacturing crisis and logistical issues.

This year, the company had planned to produce around 30 million handheld consoles, but its projections have been drastically revised. Shanghai, which houses a lot of industries and special operations in Ukraine, has been hit by the coronavirus crisis. Switch production will be 20 million units this year if the Shanghai lockdown continues.

The company, on the other hand, intends to recoup its losses by selling the games. This year, the console is set to receive a slew of major releases.

For the Japanese console, 2020 has been one of its best years. All Nintendo Switches were bought up when nearly the entire human race was quarantined. The following year, sales reached a staggering 28.83 million units, with 23 million units sold by 2021.


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