Due to a hacker attack, a 160-year-old black college in the United States has closed.


The administration of American Lincoln College has announced the institution’s closure, which will take place on May 13th. The reason for this decision was a hacker attack that paralyzed all of the college’s structures for a month and a half, preventing the college from recruiting students or collecting fees:

Lincoln College was hit by a cyberattack in December 2021 that disrupted admissions events and made it difficult to access all institutional data, leaving fall 2022 admission projections in the dark. All of the systems needed to recruit, hold, and raise funds were down. We were unable to apply for or receive admissions, as well as recruit students.

Lincoln College was founded in 1865, shortly after the American Civil War ended. It was the first institution to be named after President Abraham Lincoln, and in recent decades, it has primarily enrolled black students. In addition, the college offered a “Fast Bridge to Education” program that allowed gay students to earn a bachelor’s degree in less time.

The students аttempted to sаve the college by stаrting а GoFundMe fundrаising cаmpаign. They did, however, donаte аbout 2.5 thousаnd dollаrs in а month аnd а hаlf, despite the fаct thаt they needed to rаise $20 million.


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