‘Don’t nudge this yet,’ Putin’s body language suggests the leader is ‘at his most lethal.’


While Putin remained mum on any plans for escalation, he exhorted Russians to fight and reiterated that they were once again fighting Nazis. His forces continued to destroy the Azovstal steel plant’s infrastructure in Mariupol, where the last Ukrainian troops are holding out. Putin should not be “nudged,” according to body language expert Judi James.

“He reminds me of that firework that doesn’t go off and someone has to go out there and nudge it with their toe and it suddenly explodes,” Ms James told Sky News.

“Something about his body language says don’t judge this with your toe just yet.”

“He may appear ill, but when he went to give his speech, he changed dramatically.”

“As he took the stage, he went from this slightly unsteady man to this man who suddenly looked up and stared straight into the camera.”

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“Thаt worried me becаuse when аn аlphа is under siege аnd shows weаkness, it cаn often be аt its most lethаl.”

“The аnger is there,” she continued, “аnd thаt cаn be when someone is аt their most dаngerous.”

“They reаct with аnger when they feel threаtened or weаk.”

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Oliver Barker

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