Dolmen does not yet support Intel XeSS upscale.


The game was supposed to have XeSS support from the start.

The game was supposed to have XeSS support from the start.

Intel XeSS upscale is not available in Dolmen yet

The developers of the action RPG Dolmen refusedfrom incorporating Intel XeSS supersampling into the game’s release version Although producer Dolmen stated in a recent interview that XeSS will be supported from the start, the game’s official Twitter account contradicts this claim.

XeSS support will be available in Dolmen before the end of the summer, according to the developers. The exact date of the corresponding update’s release is unknown.

The developers did not explain why they abruptly changed their plans. Dolmen is expected to be released on May 20th.

One of the games that has been used to demonstrate the power of XeSS supersampling is Dolmen. Along with Intel technology, the developers promised support for Nvidia DLSS and AMD FSR upscales, which are expected to be included in the final version.

It’s worth noting thаt Intel upscаling isn’t supported by neаrly аny devices on the mаrket. Initiаlly, XeSS only works with the compаny’s own grаphics cаrds; Intel desktop grаphics cаrds аren’t аvаilаble yet, аnd lаptops with Intel grаphics аre neаrly impossible to find.

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