Digital Foundry’s Steam Deck, video support for 40-60Hz, and Variable Rate Shading


With the latest firmware, Steam Deck has added some interesting features, including support for update rates of 40 to 60 Hz, Variable Rate Shading, and more: Alex Battaglia discussed it in a new video by Digital Foundry.

The 40 fps mode, as demonstrated by Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart a few months ago, is a really interesting feature because it combines a certain degree of fluidity with the ability to aim at higher presets, which is especially useful in heavier games like those that support ray tracing.

Another significant benefit of 40 Hz, according to Battaglia, is a significant reduction in input latency, making the gaming experience more responsive and precise than traditional 30 fps.

Variable Rate Shading, on the other hand, is a technique for lowering the quality of assets that are hidden from view in order to reduce GPU commitment and free up resources for other purposes.

Not only thаt, but the lаtest Steаm Deck firmwаre optimizes the operаtion of the heаt dissipаtion system аnd its fаn, mаking the Vаlve hаndheld quieter.


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