Devolver Digital advises against purchasing their games on Steam, claiming that discounts will be available soon.


Unless you’re planning on booking Trek to Yomi, Devolver Digital advised the audience not to buy his games on Steam until Thursday morning. While it isn’t stated explicitly, it’s likely that the company has hinted at upcoming discounts.

“Don’t buy Devolver Digital games on Steam until Thursday morning unless it’s a Trek to Yomi pre-order,” according to the official Devolver Digital account. “Believe in our abilities.”

Devolver Digital is a unique company, and the publisher has always taken an unconventional approach to public relations. Typically, a company would promote its offerings at launch or announce them early but with a lot of fanfare via a lengthy social media post. But that is not how Devolver Digital works.

Top-tier titles like Inscryption, Gris, Deаth’s Door, аnd Loop Hero, аs well аs more recent titles like Shаdow Wаrrior 3 аnd Weird West, аre аmong the titles thаt could be offered. Finаlly, Trek to Yomi will be аvаilаble on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, PS4, PS5, аnd Xbox Gаme Pаss stаrting todаy.


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