“Death on the Nile” and “Batman” are the frontrunners.


Third place went to Moonfall by Roland Emmerich.

Third place went to Moonfall by Roland Emmerich.

April top film piracy in Russia:

In April 2022, Group-IB, an information security firm, and the editors of the Film Distributor Bulletin compiled a list of the most popular films among Russian pirates.

“Batman,” “Death on the Nile,” and “Moonfall” were the top-rated films. The top, according to the newspaper, includes new items that have yet to be released in Russia due to Hollywood studios’ exit from the local market.

Film Distributor’s Bulletin

Group-IB points out that finding a copy does not necessarily indicate how many times it has been viewed. However, there is a direct correlation between the number of “pirates,” audience demand for content, and pirates’ desire to meet that demand.

The most popular Russian pirate films in April 2022

The timing of Hollywood studios’ return to the Russian market is directly linked to the conclusion of Russia’s operation in Ukraine. The studios are expected to reopen no earlier than July at the earliest.

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