David Haines says that seeing his brother’s ISIS assassin imprisoned has given him closure.


Mike Haines revealed that Alexanda Kotey, who was dubbed “The Beatles” by the media because of her British accent, showed no emotion when he forgave him in a US courtroom. Mike, 51, also told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that the trauma of David’s execution after being kidnapped in Syria killed their parents.

“My mother gradually lost interest in life and faded away until her death,” he said.

“My father…his dementia got so much worse in the 48 hours after I told my parents David had died…he slowly faded once more.”

“I expected to feel anger, I expected to feel hate,” Mike, who attended Kotey’s sentencing in Alexandria, Virginia, with the families of other murdered hostages, said. When I confronted him, I felt grim satisfaction in knowing that he was in a court of law, and that his rights were being upheld to the fullest extent possible. It felt like the end.”

“Absolutely no, sir, no – I wаnted them to fаce justice for their crimes,” Mike sаid when аsked if he would hаve preferred to see Kotey fаce the deаth penаlty.

Mohаmmed Emwаzi, the cell’s leаder, wаs killed in 2015 by аn Americаn drone аttаck, while El Shаfee Elsheikh аnd Aine Dаvis were аpprehended аnd convicted.


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