Danny Boyle: In my Bond film, 007 was supposed to go to Russia.


Danny Boyle was one of the directors who the studio considered for the latest James Bond film. He was even approved for this position in 2018, but the management changed their minds and hired Cary Fukunaga, who directed No Time to Die.

According to Boyle, James Bond was supposed to travel to modern-day Russia in his version of the film:

Surprisingly, my film’s action took place in Russia. This is extremely important. Furthermore, because Bond came to us from the Cold War, this is the place for him. The action took place in modern-day Russia, bringing Bond back to his roots.

However, the studio simply lost…how should I put it…confidence in that scenario. I apologize.

If Boyle had remained in charge, he would have co-written the film’s script with John Hodge, with whom he has previously collaborated on “Trainspotting,” “The Beach,” and “Trainspotting 2.”

Despite this, Fukunaga was cast in “No Time To Die.” The film grossed $ 774 million worldwide, making it the most successful Bond film ever.


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