Cyberpunk 2077: discovered a post-launch easter egg that refers to a known bug


A Cyberpunk 2077 player discovered a new easter egg added after the game’s launch, referencing a well-known game bug while also bringing the Harry Potter saga into play. In fact, problems and bugs abound in the early versions of the CD Projekt Red game, with some becoming true memes due to their absurdity.

One of these was in Wellsprings, and it featured non-player characters desperately walking against a wall, creating a truly hilarious effect. Going back to the location, there is a mural with the words Platform 69 3/4 on the same wall, a reference to Platform 9 3/4 from Harry Potter, in which the wizards ran against a wall of the Kings Cross station in London to catch the train to Hogwarts.

Also note the word “Hit Here,” which is placed directly above a bloodstain. Someone must have tried to break through the wall with too much force.

For the rest, Cyberpunk 2077 is аvаilаble on PC, Stаdiа, Xbox One, PS4, PS5, аnd Xbox Series X аnd S, аmong other plаtforms.


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