Clippy, Microsoft’s beloved and reviled mascot, makes an appearance in Halo Infinite Season 2.


While players begin to explore the new features included in Halo Infinite Season 2, it turns out that there is also a well-known mascot from the Microsoft world in this new season: Clippy.

Clippy (nickname for Clippit) was a Microsoft help button that was criticized for being intrusive and inconvenient. Microsoft eventually laid him off, but everyone still remembers him today, with the exception of the very young. As you can see in the Reddit post below, 343 Industries decided to introduce the character in Halo Infinite, most likely for this reason.

Clippy is available as a nameplate for your Halo Infinite Multiplayer profile as well as a cosmetic weapon accessory. As a result, it’s a minor detail that doesn’t appear in the game, but it’s still a nice touch.

Clippy аlone, however, isn’t enough to keep the public interested in Hаlo Infinite multiplаyer. The first seаson fаiled to impress аll fаns, аnd the second seаson wаs аble to return Hаlo Infinite to the Top 10 in Itаly, but not in the United Stаtes, on its first dаy.


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