Children in China are prohibited from watching or donating to streamers after 22:00.


The Chinese gaming regulator announced new restrictions for the younger generation last week. Teenagers in the Middle Kingdom will no longer be able to watch their favorite streamers’ broadcasts after 22:00, donate to them, or send them gifts.

Teenagers under the age of 16 are subject to restrictions. Streaming platforms were given authority over the ban’s implementation. This is the next phase of the fight to protect the next generation from harmful content and corruption.

This adds to the already difficult “virtual cage” for Chinese gamers and teenagers. They are now restricted in terms of the amount of time they can spend online and the number of games they can purchase. And it appears that this is not the final chapter.


Oliver Barker

Est né à Bristol et a grandi à Southampton. Il est titulaire d'un baccalauréat en comptabilité et économie et d'une maîtrise en finance et économie de l'Université de Southampton. Il a 34 ans et vit à Midanbury, Southampton.

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