CCP is still attempting to create a first-person shooter in the EVE Online universe.


CCP Studios, which created and continues to support EVE Online, has been working on a first-person shooter set in its universe for almost a decade.

During the EVE Fanfest opening ceremony, the company stated once again that they were working on an FPS. The CCP London team is working on a tactical and realistic sci-fi shooter, but no details or timelines have been revealed.

We recognize that hard sci-fi FPS is a popular concept in the EVE universe, and CCP intends to provide an innovative online shooter with an atmospheric visual side. We want to show you the game, not talk about how we came up with the concept, and we will do so when the time comes.

Dust 514 was once CCP’s attempt at the FPS genre, bridging surface battles with the larger MMO universe by allowing players in orbit to bombard areas where the action was taking place. The game, however, could not gain popularity because it was a PS3 exclusive.

The next аttempt, Project Novа, wаs designed for PC, but pre-аlphа testers found it dull аnd lаcking in аmbition. She wаs consequently sent to the ice.


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