Bethesda is rumored to be working on several Disney-licensed games.


Xbox Studios appears to be working not only on the Indiana Jones game, but also on other Disney-licensed games. There is no official word yet on the theme or heroes, but esports commentator Joey McDermott has stated unequivocally that work is in progress.

He wroteThis was in response to one of the tweets, in which the user Timur22 (who was looking for different data in the developers’ resumes) asked subscribers if they thought ZeniMax had more Disney-licensed games before Microsoft bought them out. Joey responded that he wasn’t sure when the company received the licenses, but that Bethesda had a number of Disney-owned games on Xbox.

It’s unclear whether this is limited to Bethesda or includes other Xbox studios.

Joey claims to have a reliable source who said that Microsoft is planning an event to join Bethesda a month before the first mentions.

If the rumor is true, the game announcements should happen on June 12 at the Xbox show.


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