Before the end of May, Apex Legends Mobile will be available.


Developers can not yet name the exact date.

Developers can not yet name the exact date.

Apex Legends Mobile will be released before the end of May

According to Jordan Patz, the project’s design director, the mobile version of the Apex Legends Royal Battle will be released before the end of May. The creators haven’t set a specific release date yet.

Apex Legends Mobile has been in beta testing for over a year, and the game was recently soft-launched in some areas. The mobile version of Apex Legends has a similar gameplay to the PC and console versions, with the graphics being the most notable difference.

Apex Legends Mobile will have exclusive content not available on other platforms, as it was built from the ground up for mobile platforms. The game will only have ten characters when it launches, with more heroes being added later.

In the mobile version, there may be additional game modes. In the coming weeks, the developers will go into greater depth about the project.

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