Because he was fat-cheeked, Henry Cavill was not turned down for the role of James Bond.


Martin Campbell, the director of ‘Casino Royale,’ explains why Henry Cavill was not cast as James Bond for the first time.

The actor, who went on to play Superman, a double agent, and The Witcher, has expressed interest in playing Bond several times and has even become a popular choice among fans for the next Bond. Cavill, then 22 years old, auditioned for the role of 007 in the film Casino Royale in the early 2000s. However, Daniel Craig, 38, was cast in the lead role.

Cavill has previously stated that he was passed over because Campbell considered him to be “too thick-cheeked.” The real prize, according to the director in an interview with Cinemablend:

As far as you know, I did a Bond test with him. He did well, but he was still too young and lacked Daniel’s experience. Daniel’s acting skills, probably the best of them all, just fit right in.”

As Crаig’s erа drаws to а close, а new Jаmes Bond is on the horizon. There hаd been speculаtion thаt Idris Elbа could be the next Bond, but he is аlreаdy 49 yeаrs old, only 5 yeаrs younger thаn Crаig. Tom Hollаnd wаs аlso interested in plаying the young Bond. He doesn’t seem to fit in with his chаrаcter.


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