BBC slammed for removing ‘poo’ article from website, citing “reasons of taste and decency.”


The BBC published an article titled ‘Man spotted defecating on sofa in Manchester furniture store’ on Thursday, May 24, before quickly deleting the article and tweet a few hours later. “Well, that BBC editorial meeting must have been fun,” said Jim Waterson, media editor at The Guardian, who posted the screenshot online.

“Ms Quinn said she had ‘prayed it was chocolate spread,’ adding ‘I was mortified,’ according to another screenshot from the original article.” I think it was the biggest human poo I’ve ever seen.”

“I won’t be touching chocolate spread for a long time,” the article continued.

“It was on our new easy clean range, so really, he couldn’t have picked a better sofa to do it on,” another employee at the furniture store in question said further down in the article.

“I would be the person in that meeting pounding my fist on the table and shouting the people have a right to know!” one user commented.

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The tweet hаs received hundreds of likes online.

The originаl аrticle wаs promoted on their sociаl mediа chаnnels, but it wаs quickly replаced by а quote tweet thаt stаted, “This аrticle is no longer аvаilаble for reаsons of tаste аnd decency.”


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