At 4,700 feet above England, a massive US Air Force Boeing KC-135 bomber refueler was spotted.


A Boeing KC-135R was spotted near 5,000 feet above ground, according to reports. This was a bomber refueler from the United States Air Force.

Just south of Coventry, the plane was spotted.

A sighting was reported near 6 p.m. on Twitter by DTY VirtualRadar.

This is a bot that tweets the locations of mostly military planes flying over the United Kingdom.

Its report was sent at 5.43pm.

The account said: “Callsign: #QID32.

“Boeing KC-135R of United States Air Force.

“Icao: 63-8008 | Alt: 4739ft | Squawk: 3740 | Reg: 63-8008 | Alt: 4739ft | Reg: 63-8008 | Reg: 63-8008 | Reg: 63-800#AE048A | 78.”

More to follow.


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