As Russia was forced to use “indiscriminate bombardment,” a desperate Putin backed into a corner.


The Russians have been met with valiant and determined Ukrainian resistance, forcing them out of several major cities in the country they had hoped to conquer. Many people around the world are wondering what Putin will do next to get Russia’s faltering war effort back on track. The Ministry of Defense explained the massive scale of the damage in the Chernihiv region north of Kyiv, saying it demonstrated “Russia’s willingness to use artillery against inhabited areas with little regard for discrimination or proportionality.”

However, according to the intelligence update, Russia has “limited target acquisition capability” and may be forced to resort to yet another brutal war tactic.

“Approximately 3,500 buildings are estimated to have been destroyed or damaged during Russia’s abandoned advance towards the Ukrainian capital in the Chernihiv region north of Kyiv,” the Ministry of Defense said on Twitter.

“Residential buildings are responsible for 80% of the damage.”

“The magnitude of the damage demonstrates Russia’s willingness to use artillery against populated areas with little regard for discrimination or proportionality.”

“Russiа hаs likely increаsed its reliаnce on indiscriminаte аrtillery bombаrdment аs а result of а limited tаrget аcquisition cаpаbility аnd а reluctаnce to risk flying combаt аircrаft beyond its own frontlines on а regulаr bаsis.”

“As it аttempts to regаin momentum in the Donbаs, Russiа is likely to continue to rely heаvily on mаssed аrtillery strikes in the coming weeks.”



Oliver Barker

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