Arenas and a PvP reward tracker were added to New World with the latest update.

New World received an update that added arenas and a PvP reward tracker to the game

New World’s developers continue to try to actively support the game by releasing new content. This time, they released Arenas, a patch that was part of a larger patch cycle scheduled for May.

The addition of the arena mode to the game, the PvP reward tracker, new quests in the Varangian Knights quest chain, new expedition mutators, and a number of other minor but notable changes are among the most notable features of the update.

At the time of publication, the game only had one arena, where three-player teams could compete under one condition: they had to be level 20 or higher. The battles are held in a five-round format, with each round lasting two minutes. To win, you must win three rounds in a row. If the fight drags on, the outcome is artificially neared by tightening the ring of fire around the fighters, making it impossible for them to move far apart in the arena – they will eventually get closer.

Success in the аrenаs will eаrn you а vаriety of unique items аnd а plаce to live. Pаrticipаtion in аny PvP аctivity will eаrn you Azoth Sаlt, а new currency thаt cаn be exchаnged for vаrious rewаrds once you reаch а certаin level of PvP experience. You cаn trаck the new trаcker thаt hаs аppeаred thаnks to Progress.


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