Apple is already experimenting with a USB-C iPhone.


Apple is ditching its own Lightning port in favor of the much more mainstream USB-C standard in all future iPhone models, according to renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

This is great news for those who don’t like messing with different cables, especially since the unification of ports continues to progress year after year toward its logical conclusion – a universal port for all purposes.

Apple is hesitant to abandon Lightning, according to an analyst, because it is much more profitable in terms of additional revenue and has better water resistance than USB. However, given that a new European requirement for the transition of all small and medium-sized equipment to USB-C was adopted, Apple decided not to postpone the inevitable.

Aside from convenience and unification, switching to USB-C means significantly faster data transfer speeds. Naturally, the company has yet to go through a period of widespread adoption, but Lightning will be forgotten in a few generations as more peripherals migrate to the new standard.

According to Bloomberg, the switch to USB-C will not hаppen until 2023, so don’t expect а new formаt this holidаy seаson.


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