An insider discusses Genshin Impact’s near future.


There’s still a chance that the developers’ plans will change.

There’s still a chance that the developers’ plans will change.

Four heroes, dendro and new skins: an insider talks about the near future of Genshin Impact

The developers of Genshin Impact will begin testing update 2.8 in a few days, even before the previous patch, which was delayed due to the Shanghai lockdown, is released. UBatcha insider provided information about the beta test before it began.toldwhich could be added to Genshin Impact in the future.

An insider cannot say for certain that the developers’ plans will not change. In any case, everything about update 2.8 will be confirmed or debunked soon: beta testers will soon receive the client.

Please note that the 2.9 update is still not mentioned in the insider’s story. The developers apparently decided to skip it and released version 3.0 right after the 2.8 update.

Because of the patch 2.7 delay, we don’t know if the update release dates will be pushed back. Update 2.8 will be released on June 22 if everything stays the same.

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