An esports tournament will be held at Genshin Impact.


So far – only among British students.

So far – only among British students.

Genshin Impact will host an esports tournament

One of the first western Genshin Impact esports tournaments has been announced by miHoYo. The competition is open to students from British universities, and any student team from the United Kingdom is welcome to compete.

Participants can apply until May 16, and qualifying matches will be held from May 16 to May 20. The final matches are scheduled for May 28 in London, and will be broadcast live rather than online.

Players will not fight each other directly during the tournament. For example, in one competition, you must complete as many levels as possible in 20 minutes, while in another, you must extract resources in 15 minutes.

Fans will be able to vote for their favorite teams during the tournament, and the number of votes cast will be taken into account when determining the finalists, according to the terms.

The tournаment hаs а totаl prize pool of £11,000. The funds will be distributed in the following mаnner:

It is interesting

There will be no more betа versions in the neаr future: Minecrаft Bedrock received а preview.


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