AMD will release FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 on May 12th, with Deathloop being the first game to support the technology.


On May 12th, AMD will release the second generation of its FidelityFX Super Resolution image upscaling technology. Arkane Lyon’s Deathloop shooter will be the first to support the option.

FSR 2.0 will later appear in ten more games. Support will be implemented through patches in them.

The new version of the technology employs an optimized smoothing method for temporal reconstruction from previous frames. AMD previously stated that implementing FSR 2.0 in games would take less than three days assuming the game already supports DLSS 2.X. If NVIDIA’s technology is not available, we’re talking weeks, possibly even months.

Starting with the RX 590 and GTX 1070, FSR 2.0 will be available on AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Users will be able to choose from four different settings profiles: “Quality,” “Balance,” “Performance,” and “Ultra-performance.”


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