Amazon is selling a 2 TB WD Black SSD with an add-on card and heatsink, which has a transfer rate of 6,500 MB/s.


A WD_Black 2TB SSD with add-on card and heatsink is currently available on Amazon. The reported discount is € 152, which equates to a 28% reduction.

Amazon lists the full price at 538.99 €. The actual price was frequently lower, though it did reach € 589.89 for a good portion of April. The current price is the best of the year, but it isn’t always: it was available for around twenty-seven euros less during Black Friday 2021. Amazon is the one who sells and delivers the item.

17.6 x 7.2 x 1.3 cm is the size of this SSD. It’s a PCIe Gen 3 card with read and write speeds of up to 6,500 and 4,100 megabytes per second, respectively. It is a PCIe-based RAID0 solution that is simple to set up and boot. It also works with the WD_BLACK Dashboard software to control and customize RGB lighting effects.

WD_Black 2TB SSD with add-on card and heatsink

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