Alien-Predator Relationship, “Arcane,” and Bioshock Infinite Cosplay


It’s cosplay day on Friday. Today we have an alien and a predator in an unusual relationship, Jinx from Arcane, Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, and a frank bonus.

Alien and Predator

If predators fight aliens in one universe, there must be a universe where they choose to be together in another. This is what cosplayers PedroT and Rex thought when they created midi monster cosplay. They ride motorcycles, play on the playground, and simply enjoy themselves.


Arcane is one of the year’s best animated films. The image revealed the details of Vai and Jinx’s relationship, prompting Alexander Bessonov to dedicate his cosplay to the latter. It came out looking very real.

Photo: Andrey Telyaev

Bioshock Infinite

Elizabeth appeared as a completely different girl in Bioshock Infinite, who was more fatal and attractive. Lunaritie brought it to life in a beautiful and detailed way.

Photo: Kristina Chernigovskaya


Kitagawa Marin in Succubus form by Helly Valentine


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