After modeling in Cities Skylines, a road in Poland will be redesigned.


The original project was not very successful.

The original project was not very successful.

Road in Poland to be redesigned after modeling in Cities Skylines

A decision has been made in Poland to redesign the planned system of road junctions in the Krakow area. After further investigation, it was discovered that interchanges were not designed optimally and could exacerbate traffic congestion.

An enthusiast first brought the issue to the attention of Gazeta Wyborcza. He used the city-building simulator Cities Skylines to simulate the traffic situation, which is noteworthy.

Following the release of a detailed video with over 200 thousand views, engineers from Krakow Technical University began to research the project. They backed up the enthusiast’s suspicions.

It was discovered that the proposed interchange system can indeed contribute to the occurrence of traffic jams and, in some cases, accidents.

Following a review of the design, the engineers proposed redesigning two bypass routes in order to address issues raised by enthusiasts. The interchange design is now 67% complete, according to the building.

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