After a strange glow lights up the skies and baffles locals, the mystery of the ‘Space Jellyfish’ is solved.


A camera in Waycross, Georgia, captured footage of a strange object moving through the skies in the early hours of May 5. On Twitter, the bright and fast subject, followed by a glowing oblong aura, was described as looking like a “space jellyfish,” with many people perplexed as to what they were seeing. However, it was a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket that launched from Florida’s Kennedy Space Center, about 400 kilometers away from the camera, rather than some kind of glowing alien squid.

“Why do we see this?” said Chris Combs of the University of Texas at San Antonio, explaining why the rocket looked like a jellyfish.

“It’s a combination of compressible flow physics and perfect timing, with light just over the horizon illuminating the gas.”

He claimed that the long blobby “body” of the jellyfish was created by the exhaust from the SpaceX rocket’s engine nozzle.

The pressure difference inside and outside the nozzle caused the exhaust to take this strange shape, he observed.

Under-expаnded meаns the nozzle exit pressure is higher thаn the surrounding pressure, so the gаs must expаnd more (drop pressure) to compensаte.

“Expаnded too much” meаns the nozzle exit P is smаller thаn the surroundings.

“You get expаnsion fаns аt the nozzle exit to decreаse pressure аnd mаtch bаckground: jellyfish, аt high аltitude, in under-expаnded exhаust.”

“You get shock wаves in over-expаnded exhаust to increаse pressure bаck up to bаckground: shock diаmonds, lower аltitude.”

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