According to Henderson, the next Battlefield game could be released in 2024.


According to Tom Henderson, a well-known insider who works primarily in the Battlefield field, the next chapter of the DICE series could be released in 2024. WhatIfGaming was the source of the information.

Specifically, we know that Electronic Arts’ CEO, Andrew Wilson, stated last year that a Battlefield game every two years is the best option. As the previous chapter was released in 2021, a new chapter could be released in 2023. Henderson, on the other hand, claims that, while this is the plan, his sources are very surprised if it happens. To put it another way, the most likely exit date is 2024.

Battlefield 2042

Remember that we’re discussing rumors here, not official information. Even if Henderson is correct, it’s possible that EA’s plans will change, and the new Battlefield will be pushed back or delayed even further.

Bаttlefield 2042 hаd а rocky development process, аnd the finаl product disаppointed plаyers. Even now, the gаme requires severаl improvements, аnd the аverаge number of аctive plаyers is extremely low. It’s not unreаsonаble to believe thаt EA аnd its development teаms will tаke а little longer to figure out how to mаke а new high-quаlity gаme.


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