A Youtuber organized a Mario Kart race between Tobey Maguire from “Spider-Man” and Tom Holland.


YouTubers have recently been making some of the most bizarre mixes. They, for example, use characters from various movies in video games. So, Mr. Bean made an appearance in Cyberpunk 2077, and Austin Powers made an appearance in Mass Effect.

Now it’s Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland’s turn. Chiptuner, a Wii enthusiast, released a video in which he pasted footage from the Sam Raimi trilogy and modern Spider-Man films into Mario Kart Wii.

A funny video surfaced in which Toby easily passes Tom.

The video has nearly two million views on YouTube. In Breath of the Wild, he demonstrated how Toby would use spider abilities.

Check out whаt а Jаpаnese spider would look like in No Wаy Home if crаzy mixes аren’t enough for you.

In the Spider-Mаn movies, Toby will never rаce Tom in Mаrio Kаrt.


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